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Telecom Construction Services Inc. in Howell, Michigan is looking to hire local full-time permanent Tower Technician to install, upgrade, and maintain wireless systems and equipment throughout Michigan and surrounding areas. Offering competitive wages and benefits.


  • Climbing and working on communications towers for the purpose of installing, replacing, and repairing antenna systems equipment; perform tower maintenance under close supervision.
  • Work with supervisors on setting daily goals, resource planning, and construction schedule.
  • The basic use and care of hand tools and mechanical equipment.
  • Work in the field alongside carrier techs, managers, and customers
  • Troubleshoot and Resolve RF, fiber, and integration issues
  • Following instructions accurately and complete assigned course of action.
  • Knowing the hazards associated with tower climbing, construction equipment, and working on or near energized lines and equipment.
  • Manage company issued tools and equipment
  • Manage stock and supply inventory
  • Responsible for safety and quality assurance


  • Minimum of 1 year of experience in wireless telecommunications working at height.
  • Climbing/rescue training and basic first aid training.
  • High school completion.
  • Oral and written communication skills
  • Must demonstrate RF Awareness, replacement and maintenance awareness and be able to demonstrate basic skills during the interview process.
  • Ability to lift 50lbs
  • Ability to climb heights and work at high elevations
  • The basic use of hand tools, electrical and mechanical equipment
  • Analyzing situations accurately and adopting an appropriate course of action
  • Following instructions accurately and completing assigned course of action
  • Basic computer skills (E-mail, Word and Excel, accessing information on the internet, etc.)
  • Recognizing safety hazards and performing duties in a safe manner
  • Pass pre-employment drug screen
  • Possess a valid driver license
  • Pass a background check.

Pay based on experience

Please submit your resume via:

Email: info@

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